Field Experience

But only in the field, as on the testing ground, one is able to decide - is it really the business he has looked for? Passing this hard test, an officer will keep this "UNMO spirit" with him forever.

UNMOs' mission in the field is not limited by pure observation. They use to play a role of negotiators and civil affairs officers in those places where others do not dare to enter. Actually in many cases local authorities consider UNMOs as the most reliable and trustworthy part of the international contingent. It is easy to explain: UNMOs operate unarmed so they pose no threat and are accessible to both civilians and the military, moreover they use to live within local communities exposing themselves to the same threats and risks as most of local population.

The vulnerability of UNMOs sometimes put them on the edge of life and death. Within short history of peace-keeping many of our friends - fellow peace-keepers were wounded or lost their lives, some of us got terrible experience of being hostages or detainees.