UNMOs' Training

Since they are experienced army personnel from their respective countries, UNMOs' basic military training is the foundation for their work in the UN Peacekeeping Missions.

To join "UNMOs' order" is a personal decision of each officer. Each country has its national selection procedure to provide the best candidates to the UN service. Usually before joining a particular UN Peace-keeping Mission one should pass special training at National or International Courses. They provide basic knowledge on features and peculiarities of life and service in the multinational environment in mission area.


In Russia the national UN courses (as a part of military courses "VISTREL") are located in Solnechnogorsk town near Moscow. By now more then 800 officers passed two months training there before joining UN Peacekeeping Missions. Starting from 1994 representatives of several foreign countries have passed UNMO training there.

In 1994 Dr. Valeriy Guerguel established Museum of Peacekeeping operations in Solnechnogorsk. That is a unique institution of such kind in the Russian Federation.

In 1998 on the basis of the Museum Dr. Guerguel launched a very interesting educational project "UN Peacekeeping model" - a peacekeeping game for secondary schools of Moscow region. That project has been supported by the Government of Moscow and Ministry of Defense.