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Congratulations from SPIA



Dear President, dear Companions Blue Helmets,


As the president of the Soldiers of Peace International Association, I would personally like to wish you and your members a happy new year. May it bring you health, peace and joy. 2018 is for all of us an important anniversary. Indeed, it has been 70 years since the different world leaders in the post World War II period joined forces to create the United Nations along with peacekeeping resolutions in order to protect the world from further war conflicts. The Soldiers of Peace International Association has been working for six months on the establishment of a program that would enable former Blue Helmets to share this anniversary and show the United Nations our liveliness.


I have just met with mister Hervé Ladsous and I should shortly meet with mister Lacroix, the United Nations Under-Secretary General, in charge of peacekeeping operations. I had the opportunity to mention this program during my stay in Brno.


You will find enclosed a pre-program. I urge you to participate to this program and to create activities around this anniversary in your countries and to communicate them to us in order to integrate them to our international program. As of now, I will be out of France on May 26th in Brussels, as well as in September in Brno, Czech Republic. Let’s all meet with History and let’s all unite around common actions.


We will start our SPIA news again. I ask you to send us your informations in order to integrate them to our program. We have also met with a society specialised in communication in order to re-design our online website. Furthermore, we have taken in multiple interns in International Law who will work on conflict resolution and the humanitarian action.


I recently had the opportunity to meet our Belgian brothers who wish to integrate the SPIA We are very content and sure that we will be able to work thoroughly with them.


Thank you and have a great week-end,

Best regards,

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