Главная » 2020 » Июль » 18 » Краткая стенограмма королевы Елизаветы с военными.
Краткая стенограмма королевы Елизаветы с военными.
Обращает на себя внимание разговор  с миротворцем из Мали
Lieutenant Colonel Barrie Terry of The Yorkshire Regiment represented the army on the call; he who is currently deployed to the UN Peacekeeping mission in Mali.
Barrie explained to the Commander in Chief of the British military, that he had not seen his family since November because of travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. Anya Barrie, his wife, works for the NHS, training healthcare professionals and return to practice nurses; she is also looking after their two sons Theo, 15, and Arthur, 11.
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