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What is the UN Official Position with Respect to the Nagorno‑Karabakh Peacekeeping Mission?
Инструктаж в ООН. Ответы на вопросы корреспондента ТААС Марии Хреновой.
Брифинг 10 октября:
Первый вопрос:

Question:  Situation in Nagorno‑Karabakh, can you tell us what the UN has been doing?  What diplomacy has been taking place with regard…  at the UN level at a time of this deal brokered by Russia?

And does the Secretary‑General feel that this deal now should be commented on in some way by the Security Council?

Spokesman:  What I can tell you is that the Secretary‑General is relieved that the deal has been agreed to on a cessation of hostilities.  I think our consistent focus has been on the well‑being of civilians, on humanitarian access, and on protecting lives.  And we hope that this will now be achieved consistent with the previous important efforts of the Minsk Co‑Chairs. 

Now, there’s obviously — we’ve seen the reporting — implications for the UN, notably UNHCR (United Nations refugee agency).  We, as the UN and UNHCR — I know it’s the same for UNHCR — have not been involved.  We’re not involved in the discussions.  UNHCR, obviously, has a mandate.  They are in touch with the Russian and other authorities to see how we can best support the deal. 

So, we’re reviewing the elements, but the need to respect international humanitarian law, international human rights law remains paramount

Второй вопрос:.

Question:  Thank you, Steph.  I have a question on Nagorno‑Karabakh.  Obviously, there is a ceasefire.  We all heard what the President of Armenia said, but obviously, there are going to have to be some serious negotiations, and I wonder what the UN is trying to do, what the Secretary‑General may be trying to do to ensure that both countries are on the road to peace and not to a resurgence of fighting.

Spokesman:  Well, obviously, initial part…  our colleagues at UNHCR are in touch with the Russian and other authorities to see how they can help implement, because it is part of the deal as we’ve seen it. 

We will be and are continuously in touch with the parties and the Minsk Co‑Chairs to see how we can help and we can facilitate and that this — if I’m not mistaken is the fourth or the fifth attempt — and that this sticks for the civilians in the area of conflict who have suffered long enough. 

Вопрос Марии Хреновой:

Spokesman:  Perfectly.  Go ahead, Maria. 

Question:  Wow.  Good.  Yeah, Steph.  I just wondered about your answer on Nagorno‑Karabakh.  It’s unusual to hear “relieved”.  It’s quite unclear, so SG doesn’t welcome the agreement?  Does he have doubts about it?

Spokesman:  No, not at all.  And I think relief encompasses welcoming.  Right?  I think we’re very grateful for the Russian authorities, for what they have done, and the sense of relief is really about the hope that this will end the suffering of civilians.  I mean, we have repeatedly, from this podium, condemned the targeted attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure that we have seen.  And, so, by expressing relief, we, obviously, express welcome to the fact that this deal was reached, and we will do whatever we can on our part to support the parties as they implement it.

Брифинг 11 ноября https://www.un.org/press/en/2020/db201111.doc.htm

Вопрос Марии Хреновой  

Question:  Hi.  On Nagorno‑Karabakh, yesterday, you mentioned that the United Nations is in touch with Russian authorities on the possibilities of some help and observance of the ceasefire agreement.  So, do you have any update on the possibilities for…

Spokesman:  I mean, I know the Russian authorities have spoken, either today or late yesterday, with UNHCR, and they are really the…  since the agreement specifies the issues of refugees and returnees, they are in the lead, and I know they're in touch with Russian authorities.

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